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Transient Shift   
Transient Shift

We had a back and forth Q&A session with the CEO of Broken Attitude Studios, Randy Wilson, regarding their unique, time-traveling multiplayer shooter. Click the link and check it out.


Running on the same engine that powers the almighty Gears of War, Roboblitz gives you all the proof in the world that even the smallest of developers can churn out amazing results.

Dead Rising   
Dead Rising

What do umbrellas, park benches, chainsaws, barbells, golf clubs, baseball bats, clothes hangers, plants, propane tanks, cash registers, shotguns and knives all have in common? Come find out!

Saint's Row   
Saint's Row

THQ released a demo of Saint's Row on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo is single player only, but is still packed with action. Saint's Row will be available on August 29th.

Custom GamerCards   
Custom GamerCards

Want a hot looking Gears of War GamerCard like this one? This is just one of our many free custom gamercards. Create your own and show them off around the web!

 Xbox Live News
Halo 3 Heroic Map Pack Available December 11
After launching to incredible acclaim and fanaticism, “Halo 3” players will be able to enjoy three all new multiplayer maps on Dec. 11 as part of the Heroic Map Pack, the first in a series of download...
Project Gotham Racing 4 Cat and Mouse Coming Soon
The Cat and Mouse mode for PGR4 will be included in the next PGR4 update in the coming weeks.
Project Gotham Racing 4 Tournament Modes Now Available
Microsoft recently released four new, upcoming tournament modes for Project Gotham Racing 4.
Mountain Dew Game Fuel Now in Limited Edition Aluminum Bottle
Mountain Dew Game Fuel is now available for a limited time in limited edition aluminum bottles.
Microsoft and Bungie Split Up
Microsoft today announced a plan for Bungie Studios, the developers of the Halo franchise, to embark on a path to become an independent company.
More Microsoft Hirings
John Schappert to Head Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Live, Software and Services Businesses
Xbox 360 Facts and Stats from E3
Microsoft, at their pre-E3 press conference, announced some interesting facts and stats about the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live.
Three New XBLA Titles Available Tomorrow
Microsoft continues their weekly tradition of releasing several brand new XBLA titles for the Xbox 360.
New Details on Xbox 360 Spring '07 Dashboard Update Emerge
A video created by a user demonstrates the new dashboard features Live users will be receiving in the near future in the upcoming April '07 update.
Two New Halo 2 Maps Available on April 17th
Bungie announced today that the new pair of Halo 2 maps are makeovers of Derelict and Hang 'Em High, two long awaited maps from the first game to be remade.
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