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Xbox 360 Facts and Stats from E3
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Xbox 360 Facts and Stats from E3

- Press release by Microsoft
Wednesday, July 11, 2007 - 11:46:22 EST

Microsoft, at their pre-E3 press conference, announced some interesting facts and stats about the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. Check out the full list of interesting facts and stats below:

Leadership: Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE are leading the charge into the future of gaming and entertainment, bringing the best games, an active community and a growing catalogue of high definition entertainment to all members of the household.

  • More than 11.6 million Xbox 360 consoles have sold across the 37 countries where it is currently available. Xbox LIVE is currently available in 25 countries across the globe.
  • According to NPD in the U.S., since our competitors launched in November, consumers have spent $2.4 billion on Xbox 360 consoles, games and accessories at retail; nearly as much as both of our competitors combined.
  • Since our competitors launched we’ve sold more than 18 million games. That’s more than both the Wii and PS3 combined, according to NPD.
  • Faster than expected, Xbox LIVE has eclipsed the 7 million member milestone and is on track to reach 10 million members by the end of June 2008 making it larger than the largest city in the U.S. In fact, in the last year we’ve added a new Xbox LIVE member every 8 seconds.

Gaming:  With the greatest lineup in the history of video games, Xbox 360 is hands down the best gaming console on the market.

  • There are more than 250 games available today on Xbox 360, including 71 Xbox LIVE Arcade games.
  • Xbox 360 is the next-gen console with the largest games attach rate at an astounding 5.9 games sold per Xbox 360 owner.
  • Since November, 65 percent of all next-generation third-party console games sold were Xbox 360 games,
  • According to NPD data, since November, Xbox 360 3rd party titles have cracked the top ten overall best selling games list 18 times. Over the same period, not a single third party title for the Wii or the PS3 made the top ten overall list.
  • Xbox LIVE members have spent more than 2.9 billion hours playing games on Xbox LIVE with their friends around the world. That is equal to 121 million days or more than 332,000 years of gaming.
  • To date, Xbox 360 owners have unlocked more than 466 million Achievements. All of those unlocked Achievements have created a total combined Gamerscore of more than 11 billion.
  • There have been 2 billion game sessions hosted since the launch of Xbox 360, with more than 4.3 million hosted each day. 
  • More than 45 million Xbox LIVE Arcade games have been downloaded since launch; everything from the arcade games of our youth to the best in new, original titles.
  • Xbox LIVE Arcade has been a huge hit on Xbox 360, with nearly 70% of all connected consoles downloading and playing Xbox LIVE Arcade titles.
  • Xbox LIVE Marketplace currently offers nearly 190 free trials and demos, giving owners more free playable content than any other console. 

Entertainment:  Xbox 360 is the center of digital entertainment in the living room, offering the best in high definition games, movies and television along with access to all your friends, digital music and pictures.

  • Xbox 360 continues to lead with the largest library of on-demand high-definition movies and television in the U.S. on-demand market. Twenty-eight movie studios and TV networks continue to provide a growing catalogue of premium high- and standard-definition entertainment content that to date totals 2,350 hours.
  • Xbox LIVE Marketplace is now the leading provider of on-demand high-definition content in the U.S., providing more than twice the number of hours as leading cable operators.
  • Xbox LIVE Marketplace is home to a growing catalogue of more than 9,000 pieces of individual gaming and entertainment content, downloadable at the click of a button.
  • Nearly 50% of Xbox LIVE members in the U.S. log into Xbox LIVE Marketplace every time they turn on their console.
  • There have been 220 million downloads of gaming and entertainment content from Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Social Networking: Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE offer the largest, most active online community of friends, family and rivals worldwide.

  • Xbox LIVE is the largest social network in the living room with 2.4 million IM, text and voice messages sent over the service every day.
  • In 2007, Xbox LIVE members are averaging more than one hour a day on the service engaging in a variety of activities such as playing games, watching TV shows or movies or downloading content.
  • Since Xbox LIVE launched, 2 billion games sessions have been hosted on the service.


  • The average Xbox LIVE Gold subscriber has 23 friends on their Xbox LIVE friends list.
  • More than 1 billion cross-game invites have been sent since the launch of Xbox 360.


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Xbox 360 Facts and Stats from E3
Microsoft, at their pre-E3 press conference, announced some interesting facts and stats about the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live.
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